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Help with California and Federal Tax Liens and Levies: Lawyer Thomas J. Fernandez

When the IRS or any of the California tax authorities wants to collect taxes owed, they have the power to file liens against business or individual assets, and levies on wages, bank accounts or other assets.

A tax lien is a legal restriction placed on your property that can prevent you from selling or borrowing against that property until you have paid the lien. A tax levy is a seizure by the tax authority of your property or bank account in payment for unpaid taxes.

You have a limited time to respond to collection notices before tax levies begin or liens are filed. If you do not respond appropriately within that time period, you could waive your collection due process rights. Waiving your collection due process rights means that you cannot seek judicial review of the decision of the tax authority.

If you have received a notice of levy or lien for taxes owed, contact the Law Offices of Thomas J. Fernandez in Irvine immediately for reliable legal advice.

Keep Your Business in Operation when Faced with Tax Liens or Levies

The most important goal for businesses facing tax liens or levies is to continue operations while attempting to resolve their tax liabilities. A business that discontinues operation will have no way to pay the IRS or other tax authorities except through liquidation of assets.

I'm attorney Thomas J. Fernandez, a former IRS senior trial attorney with an advanced law degree in Taxation. In my tax law practice, I help businesses stay afloat by negotiating with the IRS or California tax authorities to release liens or levies imposed on my clients. I am experienced in working to reduce taxes by negotiating offers in compromise and installment payment plans. I handle all types of business taxes, including:

  • Income taxes
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Employment taxes and payroll taxes (such as FICA or Medicare)
  • Self-employment taxes
  • Property taxes

Representing Individuals Who Are Facing Tax Levies, Liens or Wage Garnishment

Individuals who owe back taxes may be in danger of wage garnishment, bank levies, or worse. Wage garnishment is a legal procedure in which a portion of your salary is withheld to pay off the debt. Having your wages garnished can limit your financial options and cause you to fall further into debt. I am committed to helping clients resolve issues with the IRS or California tax authorities so they can focus on resolving their tax debts rather than face garnishment or levies.

There are a number of possibilities to resolve your case. I will protect your collection due process rights and I can negotiate offers in compromise or installment agreements, innocent spouse relief, or placing the case in uncollectible status. I can also help you identify which taxes may be dischargeable in a bankruptcy.

For an attorney knowledgeable about resolving tax liens and levies, contact the Irvine, California, Law Offices of Thomas J. Fernandez.

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